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Dear Friends We are living in extraordinary times! All over the world people are gathering together, meeting in groups, in person and also in teleclasses and webcasts to experience something more, an awakening. The Oprah Winfrey / Eckhart Tolle webcast is an unprecedented event, a shining example of just how powerful these kinds of gatherings can be. And it is just the beginning. There is great power in numbers and the energy at these kinds of events is greatly accelerated.

What is wonderful is that people can gather in a place where they feel safe and protected and are then able to open up much more easily and feel honoured and supported. I think that as things begin to move more rapidly on the planet, people will need to be able to talk about how they are feeling and what is happening in their lives. Many now feel isolated and alone and need to come together for the purpose of awakening. I have been taking part in many such events for the last several years and from my experience I have found that when these meetings are preceded by some kind of centering process, it helps the participants to transition from what may be a very busy and hectic day, into a very peaceful and sacred space, a place where miracles can and do happen. In order to facilitate this experience, I was guided to write what I call "The Centering", to be read at the beginning of any gathering, class, teleclass, webcast, seminar, workshop, study group, course, wedding, memorial service, banquet, any event where the intention of each participant is to experience "more of who they really are.

" I offer "The Centering" here for you to use in whatever way may benefit you. Love and blessings, Veronica The Centering Copyright 2008 by Veronica M. Hay Let us rest here in this time together. breathing in deeply all the possibilities that lie before us, and breathing out softly, any perceived encumbrances, trials or tribulations. Let us be here in this space together.

breathing in completely all the guidance and support that awaits us, and breathing out gently all that no longer serves us in any way. Let us bask here in this pause together. breathing in fully all the freshness that sustains and nourishes us, and breathing out calmly all that has become weary and too difficult to hold.

Just let it all go, let it melt away, dissolve, disappear. We are here now, in this moment, together, which unfolds before us like a flower. And like a flower, nothing is asked of us, but that we be real, authentic, true.

And like a flower, nothing is required of us, but that we be fully present, deeply alive and profoundly aware of life all around us. And like a flower, nothing is demanded of us, but that we be open, willing, daring, conscious. May these moments together be blessed with the gifts of insight, understanding, compassion and a deep inner knowing.

May the light shine for us on those places we have hidden from view, our own or others, so that we may see, feel and know, perhaps for the very first time, the deepest truth of who we really are and why we came here. May the grandest mysteries of life beckon to us, and may we yield to their advances and surrender to their affections. May we ask of life that it take from us whatever it may, so that our place here has purpose and our journey be not in vain. May we take the time to cease the inner chatter and feel the stillness in our own souls, and in that stillness may we see with new eyes, the perfection in each person and the gifts they lay before us at our feet. And may we gladly embrace those gifts and take them into our gentle and opening hearts.

This time together is sacred, as is every moment lived from a conscious place. May we be accompanied by Angels, precious beings from all places and times holy, and seen and unseen friends, who quietly rejoice along side of us in our awakening, those beings who want only the best for us and see us in our splendor, even when we do not. And when we are done with this moment, may we enfold it in love and send it out into the world where it will uplift the planet, touching each person in a profound yet almost imperceptible way, like a butterfly alights upon a flower, aware of something forever changed. For every time we breathe a little lighter, the world is lighter and the healing begins for all of us, not just for some of us, but for all of us. When we have the courage to awaken, we do it for everyone, because we are everyone.

Copyright 2008 by Veronica Hay. Veronica is the author of In a Dream, You Can Do Anything, A Collection of Words, An Extraordinary Collection Of Writings That Will Uplift You, Motivate You, Inspire You, And Gently Guide You Along The Inner Path Of Your Life. Click here to learn more and listen to sample inspirational audios:

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