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The Easy Way to get the Perfect Counselor for your Child

Different types of child and adolescent counselors are not equal. Only those parents with the right knowledge about child and adolescent counseling and its tools are likely to succeed in getting the best results for their children. Even though many don't know where to find the counselors with those tools, every parent wants the peace of mind in knowing which type of counselor is likely to put your child back on track. This all-important help comes from local professionals like social workers, psychiatrists, psychologists and mental health counselors who are licensed by the state to practice independently. Remember, the right child and adolescent counseling professionals aren't just helpful; they're crucial to your childs long-term success. Any counselor or therapist can be successful with your kid for a short time.

Given enough personality and a few good jokes, most therapists can create some instances of success in the short term. But it can't stop there. New jokes and kindly lecturing only work for so long; you need to make sure that your childs therapist is laying the proper groundwork for your kids future success and stability in the years to come, not just a day or two here or there.

Expert child and adolescent counselors understand that you are not just looking to solve your kids behavior problem for a few days; you're looking to create long term stability in his/her personal relationships, success in school and a rewarding future in family and career life. . To help your child eliminate his anxiety, aggression, or other behavior problem, adolescent and child counselors work by looking at what the causes of the specific problems may be and applying their expertise, experience and credentials in eliminating them. Important Questions: Does your childs counselor help in a service-oriented manner by being available evenings or weekends or do you have to struggle to get an appointment whenever he or she can get you in? Will he or she bill your insurance directly with you paying only the co-pay at each visit? Is s/he part of your insurance plan? Does he have over 10 years of experience in treating children? Is he or she able to build a solid rapport with your youngster or will your kid just come out rolling his eyes? At an initial consultation, an expert child and adolescent therapist will work with you to determine what your goals are for your child, what behaviors need eliminating and which ones need encouraging. He or she will then set-up a clear therapeutic plan to help- in a way you can understand. He will answer your phone calls promptly and even communicate with your kids school, if necessary.

Psychiatrists have a degree in medicine and get very little training in child counseling. They are mainly used to prescribe psychoactive medications. Psychologists have a doctoral degree in counseling or psychology and get most of their training in providing therapy and doing research. Social workers have a masters degree and are usually trained in community casework and counseling; mental health counselors have the masters degree with most of their training in counseling. The best child and adolescent therapists will maintain on-going communication with you and encourage you to do the same.

They will educate you and the teachers on the best way to manage your kids behavior. More than likely, instead of changing what you say to your child, they will change how you say it. Your disciplinary plan will be reconstructed in order to work with your kids most powerful motivating elements, so that you will get more cooperation instead of resistance. By utilizing things like effective communication skills, consequence planning and strength-targeting an expert adolescent counselor can help you transform your son or daughter from being self-defeating to being self-actualizing.

What's the easiest way to find the right child psychologist or counselor? Just conduct an internet search with some or all of these keywords: child adolescent counselor psychologist (and your location) e.g. Cary, Illinois. Remember: Check years of experience, percentage of practice devoted to kids (should be at least 25%), licensure by the state and acceptance of your insurance plan.

Dr Shery is in Cary, IL, near Algonquin, Crystal Lake and Lake-in-the-Hills. He's an expert marriage counselor and psychologist. Call 1 847 516 0899 and make an appt orlearn more about counseling at:

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