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The Greatest Secret to Success Is There Is No Secret

Success begins when you discover and understand the most important living person. That person is you! Being successful first starts with being happy with yourself. If you are not a happy person then odds are you will not be successful. Abraham Lincoln once said: "It has been my observation that people are about as happy as they make up there minds to be." I have found that in order to be happy you must divert your energies to make somebody else happy.

If you search for happiness, it will definitely elude you, but by trying to bring somebody else happiness it will find you many times over. Sharing happiness will attract happiness. The opposite is true as well. If you share unhappiness you will attract misery, despair and unhappiness. Happiness begins at home.

Motivate your family and friends to be happy like a salesman motivates his prospects to buy. Man's greatest power is the power of prayer. Don't blame God for your failures or lack of success but ask for guidance.

All of us have been given special gifts needed to succeed and we must use them wisely. To become a great achiever you must practice continuously. Championship football teams don't become great because of gifted athletes alone, but because of practice.practice.

practice. We all have special gifts that have been given to us but we must practice on how we use them. Always seek guidance and don't underestimate the power of prayer. We must stay in contact with our most senior partner and coach. Success is a repetitious activity. Use ideas and circumstances that have proven successful for others.

For example, Orville and Wilbur Wright did not discover the theory of flight they just used and tweaked others' ideas until they succeeded. They failed many times before they got off the ground. Remember when you use somebody else's idea it becomes your idea for your use.

Don't be frightened to emulate others' successes. Success is not more than establishing the correct frame of mind; in other words, a positive mental attitude. Have established goals set and inscribed in your mind.

Write those goals down, this will enable your mind to grasp and remember them. Always give yourself a deadline when you want to accomplish them. Have intermediate milestones in reaching each goal. Specify the time frame. Always set your standards and goals high. The higher you set your major goal the more determined and focused you will be in reaching at least the intermediate objective.

Always aim high. Whether you are working for somebody else, starting your own online business or beginning a new career, it is too easy to accept poverty and mediocrity. Demand abundance and prosperity.

The most important person in your life, YOU, deserve it. All the wealth and success in the world cannot buy good health. Again, you are the most important person so be sure you take care of yourself. If you have health problems you become worried about every ache and pain and your positive mental attitude suffers. Poor health can undermine a successful attitude.

Exercise, eat nutritiously, maintain a healthy body weight and see your doctor on a routine basis. Now is the time to take action. Take the first step to success. Success is a frame of mind. If you truly want to succeed you will. We don't fail intentionally we fail in planning to succeed.

Recognize God's special gifts and who the most important individual is in your life. You owe it yourself to be happy because happy people are successful people. Unhappy people will eventually drown in their own self-pity and sorrow and always fail. They tend to drag everybody around them down. Unhappiness is a negative attitude.

Always find a positive and never dwell on negative. Establish your goals and aim high. See you in the winner's circle!.

Carl Hoffman has over 20 years of sales and marketing experience. He has many online ventures and author of many articles on sales, leadership and marketing. Looking for a online business or building upon an existing one visit him at: His Home Page

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