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The Law of Attraction Made Simple

If the Law of Attraction seems like a big mystery to you, or if you think it just doesn't work, then the following article is "just what the doctor ordered." You're about to learn just how important it really is to keep your thoughts in check and how following one simple formula will absolutely change your life. A wise man once said, "You become what you think about all day long." That wise man was Earl Nightingale, one of the original co-owners of Nightingale Conant. What do you think he was talking about? What kind of things do you think about all day long? Are they healthy things, positive things, what? I often say it like this; "You become what you believe about yourself.

" It's true. You do become what you truly believe about yourself whether good, bad, rich or poor. Your focus is your God-given power. Once you get this, you can change your life beyond anything you ever imagined. Many years ago I often visited with a couple who believed that life was "dumping garbage" on them daily.

They would talk about their bad luck. They would tell me how their health was deteriorating. It was weird, but they seemed to thrive on this negative energy. It kept them going.

gave them something to talk about. They were clearly focused on this negative energy, and their life is no better today than it was then. They keep getting more of the bad stuff they focus on. I also knew a man who was very optimistic.

He lived right next door to the negative couple, had the same type of house, a failed business, a low paying job, but his focus was much different. He understood a little bit about the "Law of Attraction" and the power of gratitude. He stayed focused on a better life without giving too much attention to the negative stuff. He could "see" a better life and believed good things about himself, and he has since had many successes, and life has been very good to him. What's the difference? Obviously it's all in the focus.

You become what you believe about yourself. You are creating your life through your thoughts, your true beliefs about who you are. Thoughts are things, so be careful what you focus on.

The Powerful Success Formula. This is your God-given power: Your life starts with a dream, your desire. When you clearly visualize your dream as if "it" was already your reality, and then you feel.

with real emotion. yourself living the dream as if it were already real. without doubt. so that "it" becomes a part of who you are, and you feel true gratitude for the gifts and every day miracles you receive, then so shall it be. I have witnessed this mystery in action on many occasions. Your focus, vision, beliefs, attitudes, emotions and faith will guild you to your reality.

Beware of negative thoughts. They can kill your dreams and even cause depression. Your life is an amazing and creative game of chance, and whatever dream you don't act on now will only cause regret in your old age. To be a wild and free creature of God, to dance freely in this space and time, to create without self-set limits, to be who you really are.

the person your heart desires to be. to eliminate the negative, mixed emotions that stop you from going forward, to go the distance and to grow old with a smile because you lived well. this truly is a worthy goal.

Your real attitude will make you or break you. You truly become the person you believe you are. The above success formula is worth your serious attention, and the use of this formula daily will lead you to a most fulfilling life.

Copyright (c) 2008 William Salls.

William Salls is an entrepreneur, motivator, mentor, home based business coach and author. You can check him out by visiting , , or you can type wjsalls into Google and other search engines.

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