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The Perfect Dog Beds for Small Dogs

You have a tinny tiny dog! He runs around all day and at the end of the day he loves to crash on your bed. If this has happened to you then I think it is time you invested in a roomy cushioned dog bed. Your dog resting on his back on your bed is a tell tale sign that he loves a lot of room and loves a soft space to rest on. Before you go rushing out to the store to buy your pal his very own bed there are some preparations that need to be done before its all said and done. First things first you need to measure your pet to make sure you don't buy something too big or too small. To measure, first measure from the tip of his nose to the tip of his tail and then from the top of his head to the bottom of his feet.

This will give you a runabout measurement to work with. If you plan on getting something that has cushions or padding then it is my suggestion that you add about 12 inches to this measurement to make sure your pet has enough space. Next you need to do a little detective work and see where your pet sleeps the most and in what position. If your pet likes to sleep snugly then you might want to invest in a donut shaped bed.

If he likes to spread out and sleep with a lot of room then a circular or squared shaped bed is right for him. Most small dogs love to sleep in a tight formation in order to keep themselves warm and comfortable. When choosing your bed, make sure you get something appropriate to his age and needs as well. If your dog has joint pains then it would be a good idea to get a bed that isn't too close to the floor so that he doesn't have to bend too much to lie down. It is also especially difficult to pick himself up when getting out of bed.

This is why if you have a dog with joint pains you should get him a bed that is higher off the ground. Lastly when you have gone out and bought your bed you need to make sure you put it in the most appropriate spot. The answer here should have been discovered when you did your detective work on where you pet sleeps. By knowing where he sleeps and placing the bed at that specific location you increase your chances of your pet actually sleeping in the bed. This is especially true if you have an older dog that isn't trained to sleep in the actual bed and has slept everywhere else. A dog bed is an excellent investment not only for you but especially for the health and happiness of your pet.

This author lives in Flemington, NJ with her husband and 5 month old daughter and is an expert contributing author for a luxury elevated dog feeders boutique offering variety of dog beds and orthopedic dog beds. This author and DogBedSupplies are also dedicated to providing valuable and informative articles on pet health, dog training, crate training, puppy breeds and more.

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