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The Secret of the Well

A new film, The Secret, purports that the secret of happiness is embedded in a subtle, but universal law, called the Law of Attraction. In the view of the 52 expert teachers, a collage of world famous metaphysical, business, personal development, health and financial counselors, it is ignorance of the Law of Attraction that has caused so much unhappiness on Earth and is the major cause of world poverty. For most of these teachers, authors, consultants and scholars, an understanding of these laws would produce abundance, love, and peace in one's life. In The Secret, the Universe is like a giant well, an infinitely abundant well, from which we can extract anything that we truly desire. What it takes is persistent visualization and commitment to a goal, which is, for the moment, entirely invisible in the sensible world.

The only thing that can block this flow of abundance are negative emotions born out of the bitterness that comes with continuous defeat and frustration with life. To some extent, this is putting "count your blessings" on a high priority track in your life- even when the bills arrive, when you flunk a test, when you lose a job, when your marriage goes south. You combat these outer events by focusing on the good things in one's life- indeed, for life itself.

After all, according to these theorists, what is happening now- whether an unpleasant bill or a declining relationship- is based on the thoughts and feelings of the past. But, there is plenty in the present-your friends, your house, your job- depending on the person- that is worth thinking about in a positive way. In fact, according to experts, it even pays to show gratitude for things you have not received. This is somewhat in accordance with the New Testament, Mark 11:23, "Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.

" See it, visualize and thank God for it-and it will surely arrive. To deploy the technology of gratitude, one must go against the natural tendency to lament, complaint, stress and be angry when unpleasant circumstances arrive. To assist in this gentle form of combat against the negative forces within himself, Lee Brower, one of the teachers in The Secret, found that he could use a rock as a reminder and point of focus for invoking the emotion of gratitude.

Later, when a South African friend and visitor noticed Brower's daily efforts to invoke gratitude, using the rock as a fulcrum, he began calling the rock "the gratitude rock." A gift from Bower of later played a critical role when his friends son was diagnosed with a deadly form of hepatitis and recovered completely thanks to the power of gratitude. In the view of Brower and his friend in South Africa, these rocks, when utilized properly, can play a critical role in transforming lives.

Learn how the Law of Attraction governs events in your world and how utilizing the power of Gratitude can help shape your life for the better. Visit a website inspired by The Secret and get a free gift just for looking.

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