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The Texas State Fair

Virtually every state in the United States of America has a state fair. They usually last between two to seven days and generally offer a few small basic rides, lots of games, a couple of snack bars, a vendor or two and that is about all. The State Fairs have evolved into more of a carnival than a fair these days. Originally, though, the concept of the State Fair began in the heart of Texas.

In the old West, a state fair was all of the aforementioned things along with shows and local vendors bringing their wares and new merchandise to showcase and sell. These fairs would often last weeks. In Dallas Texas today, you can still get that old fair feeling at the Texas State Fair.

Bigger than a Texas Longhorn Steer! Usually the Texas state Fair begins in the early fall season and runs for a little over three weeks. With a fair this size, it is a necessity that one has plenty of time to come back as there is absolutely no way that you could possibly take it all in at one single visit. To give you a base ideal of the size of this great and historical event, the grounds on which the fair are held cover over two hundred and seventy acres in all. That is a whole lot of ground to cover! Say Hello to Big Tex There are a few more items that make the Texas State fair stand out beyond all the other state fairs in America, beyond the size, though size is always a factor in Texas. One is Big Tex.

This is a gigantic statue, forty-nine feet tall in height, that originally held the title of the worlds biggest Santa Claus Statue in the late 1940's. In 1951, however, it was purchased by the Texas State Fair committee and transformed into the world's biggest cowboy. You can see him from miles away as you travel towards the fair grounds, his welcoming arms spread out. Home of the World's Greatest Performers Among the many fun things to do and try at the Texas State Fair, one popular attraction is the main stage. This is a massive stage front with huge crowd spaces and has always been the local favorite attraction of the fair. This is, without a doubt, due to the many celebrities that perform here each year.

You won't find small local bands on this stage. It is reserved for stars and celebrities on a national and international scale. Among the superstars that have performed here each year are such names as Willie Nelson, Selena, Billy Ray Cyrus, Garth Brooks, Destiny's Child, the Dixie Chicks, Selena, and Boys II Men.

As you can tell by the variety, there is always a group performing in your favorite genre and style of music, regardless of what kind of tunes you like. Each year you will find thousands of people from across the United States flocking to this great outdoor attraction. For some it is for the endless selection of fine cuisine served at the stands here, while others enjoy the numerous rides and shows.

Regardless of what your idea of the perfect State fair is, you can times it by ten and find it at the Texas State fair in Dallas Texas.

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