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The Triumph of Gratitude

Human existence is continually experienced on many different levels- part waking, part semi-conscious and part unconscious. Since the earliest development of reflective consciousness, men have realized that these elements are often at war with each other. In fact, the mission of many psychological systems is to expose the hidden elements of the human spirit and bring them into conscious experience and ultimately into harmony with other elements of the human mind.

According to a recent film, The Secret, a great deal of human experience is conditioned by one's thoughts and feelings. In the view of the fifty-two teachers of psychology, philosophy, metaphysics, science, finance, health and other disciplines and studies represented in the movie, people are constantly undermining themselves through their feelings and thoughts. Negative thoughts and feelings can attract bad experiences but can be reversed through overcoming feelings of guilt, blame, anger and bitterness. One of the ways to overcome some of these feelings and to bring precious medicine to the more subterranean layering of the personality is to utilize the power of gratitude. In order for these subterranean levels to be penetrated, a strong, dedicated focus is required.

To achieve this, one of the teachers, Lee Brower, author of the Brower Quadrant, has worked with something he now calls the Gratitude Rock. This is a rock that he has originally selected to use as a reminder and point of focus for his work on gratitude. He decided to work on some disturbing areas of his life by overcoming them with gratitude. While doing this, he was visited by a friend from South Africa, who became intrigued by his work with the rock and who actually named it the Gratitude Rock. After his friend left for home, he wrote Brower about the sudden illness that was threatening his son's life, asking Brower for some Gratitude Rocks.

Brower carefully selected some and sent them to him. Soon afterwards, his son overcame the disease. Now, although it would be hard to pinpoint the exact role that gratitude played in the process of recovery, both men felt it was a real component.

Both in Brower's and his friend's life, gratitude was triumphant! In this time of world conflict gratitude is the key to improving lives of those around the world. Gratitude gives light where only darkness resides, gratitude gives hope where only despair is found and gratitude is the fuel for peace is where only hatred and war is found. Simile at the world and the world will smile back.

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