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Toddler Beds From Cute To Portable

Many parents tend to think that toddler beds are simple furniture and relatively cheap. After all, no one in their right mind would spend hundreds of dollars on a bed that would potentially last only two to three years. Nevertheless, you can get a wide range of toddler beds available in the market today. If you are shopping for one, here are a few types of beds for you to think over. Simple These toddler beds are of simple designs with wooden, steel and/or plastic frames.

Although this type of beds usually has no fancy carvings, some may consist of pictures of popular cartoon characters to appeal to kids of that age group. If you have a younger child and plan to pass the bed down, then a simple unisex design is always a good option. Not only it can be used by both sexes, you do not have to worry about your younger child not liking the characters on the bed frames. You have to bear in mind that what your older child prefers may not necessarily be what your younger one may end up liking.

Theme Theme-based toddler beds are always popular with young kids. From fire truck to carriage shaped beds, you are bound to be able to find one that appeals to your toddler. However, one word of caution on theme beds is your child may end up playing more than sleeping on such a bed. For instance, if you get your child a toddler bed shaped like Thomas The Tank Engine, you might have a hard time convincing him to sleep, especially on those first few nights.

It doesn't take much to excite a toddler and we all know kids' imagination tend to run wild without much prompting. Therefore, there is always that risk with a theme toddler bed. On one hand, it can encourage your young child to sleep on it but on the other, you would have to assess if it would cause too much trouble getting him or her to sleep rather than play on such a bed. Convertible Just like baby cribs, toddler beds too have convertible models that make them more economical in the long run. You have to fork out more now to get one but it saves you the money and hassle of shopping for another bed two or three years down the road.

Some are convertible to a daybed while others can convert to a twin bed when your child has outgrown the toddler-sized one. The unfortunate thing about convertible toddler beds is the lack of models. After all, if parents wanted convertible baby furniture, they would have started with the crib that can convert all the way into a full-sized bed. With this lack of demand, it is only natural that there is only a narrow range of models available in the market.

Others Other toddler beds of interest include those with canopies which give them a princess look and modern with contemporary platform designs. And if you can afford it, there is always the luxurious toddler bed costing over a thousand dollars fit for royalty with its extravagant designs. Whichever type of toddler bed, it is certainly tempting to buy one. But one last word of advice is don't buy a toddler bed simply because it is small and cute. The cuteness will wear off after a while. It may be wiser to consider if your child can skip the toddler bed stage and move to a full-sized bed instead.

Some kids can while others can't. Therefore, assess your child's readiness first before deciding on the type of bed to buy.

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