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Top Caribbean Honeymoon Destinations

Few destinations compare to the Caribbean when it comes to being a honeymooner's paradise - breathtaking topography, the most exquisite white sand beaches, turquoise blue waters, sunny and warm weather all year round and a plethora of luxurious resorts and luxury hotels make the Caribbean a honeymooner's dream. With dozens of islands all vying with each other to attract love birds in search of paradise, you have a selection of destinations to make your choice from. One of the more popular islands is Anguilla. A choice of 33 world class beaches, historical landmarks, art galleries and some fine shopping make Anguilla the perfect honeymoon destination.

Plus, the activities are impressive ? horseback riding, snorkeling and sailing are on offer, or you could just lie back and soak up some welcome sun. Aruba is a perfect amalgamation of laid back Caribbean charm, and the hot sensuality of Latin America. Positioned as it is off the coast of Puerto Rico, Aruba boasts of some of the hottest Latin salsa entertainment, and the most thumping nightlife in all of the Caribbean. Definitely the choice for honeymooners who want to dance till they drop. The Bahamas consist of 700 islands, and have long been on the world's holiday radar.

With names like Rum Cay and Conception Island, these islands offer a choice of adventurous activities as well as a degree of seclusion that all honeymooners prefer. The island of Barbados has recently relaxed its wedding requirements, making it easier for couples to marry here. The choice in wedding venues includes a boat, in a gorgeous plantation home and in the shade of a coconut palm - take your pick. Always popular with the Brits, this island is now drawing a large number of Americans too. The island has been voted the number one honeymoon destination in the Caribbean by major travel magazines. Long a bastion of world class snorkeling and scuba diving, Belize has also grown to become of the more attractive honeymoon destinations in the region.

There's enough to do here to last several honeymoons ? hike along a jungle trail, or explore underwater caves. There's plenty of white water rafting to make the most jaded adventure seeker delirious. Puerto Rico offers you one of the most romantic destinations, combined with a wealth of local and international cuisine, international standard golf courses and spas and a Latin infused culture that's unique to the region. This island boasts of spectacular scenic beauty with waterfalls, and the world's only tropical cavern with an underground river.

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