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Use This Checklist To Increase Your Happiness

It is possible to be happier. On-going research in the area of Positive Psychology is helping to identify thinking and behavior patterns of happy people. According to recent studies, your genes are responsible for fifty percent of your happiness level.

Circumstances in your life are responsible for another ten percent. The good news is that the remaining forty percent of your happiness level depends on choices you make. In addition, research is helping to identify more skills and factors that help maximize your potential for reaching your goals and enjoying life. This is important because feeling happy has many benefits. Some of the benefits are: * Being healthier and living longer.

* Having better relationships. * Having more energy. * Being more curious and willing to learn new things. * Making more money. The book, "The How of Happiness" by Sonja Lyubomirsky (2008) discusses how what you do and how you think affects the choices you make. Since the daily choices you make fall into the forty percent area of happiness that is under your control, it is important to know which choices will enhance your happiness level.

You may be surprised to see what choices happy people make. Use the following checklist to discover what you are currently doing and what you might want to add to increase your sense of well-being. Happy people do as many of the following things as possible:  Set aside time for family and friends, nurturing and enjoying those relationships.  Feel comfortable expressing gratitude for what they have.  Freely offer to help coworkers or strangers.  Practice optimism when they think of the future.

 Try to live in the present and savor pleasures.  Exercise regularly.  Are committed to lifelong goals and ambitions.  Are resilient during challenging times.

To reap the reward of feeling happier, it is important to find a place to begin. Think of your strengths and what is important to you. You do not have to do everything listed on the checklist to increase your level of happiness. It is best to chose one or two strategies that will work for you. Use this checklist to establish what is working for you now.

Then which one or two strategies might you choose to add to your daily life? It may take some effort at first. Make sure you have people around you that support the choices you are making. This might be your partner, a friend, or a coach. Enjoy the benefits.

Maurine Patten, EdD. CMC, Maximize Your Possibilities http://www.PattenCoaching.Com Visit my website at the above link for a free ezine and more information about how to increase your sense of well-being.

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