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Use Your Feeling To Know Best Possible Future

Consciousness is omnipresent not only across space but also across time. Which means that consciousness exist in simultaneous time where the past and future exist together in the present with the present. In consciousness, there is only one moment in time, and that is the eternal now. The past and future exist as probable events that are happening right now in the mental plane. The physical plane is where events in the mental plane move in and out of manifestation as we travel through physical time. The difference between the dream world and the physical world is that events taking place in the physical world are linear in sequence.

Which means there is a logical progression from one event to the next without break in continuity. But in the dream world, events are nonlinear and discontinuous, which means you could be observing one event and the next moment, you are in a completely different one. This is how experience in the mental plane is like, where time is nonlinear and you can time travel. Intuition works in a way where you connect your consciousness to an alternate possible universe by focusing on a particular choice. That alternate universe that exist in a probable future of yours vibrates at a particular frequency. You sense that frequency with your feeling.

If that alternate state of the universe is a desirable one for you, the feeling you get will be desirable. Which means that you are knowing ahead how you would feel if you were in that universe. This is how your spirit tells you good choices. You are consciousness and therefore you exist everywhere in space and time. Messages from your intuition about possible future events is really feedback from your alternate self in an alternate universe.

It is like you from the future telling you in the present how you feel about the choice you already made. Therefore we are given no excuses for making choices without knowing ahead what the consequences will be. After all our spirit knows everything and so every experience we have is a chosen one. Before making a choice, think about how you would feel after you have already made it.

The key thing is to judge by how it feels and not how it looks or sounds. Feeling is the sense that perceives beyond what you see or hear. Even when something looks right, sounds right or logically seems right, but yet it somehow feels a bit off, learn to trust your feeling and find out what's not right. There is something you probably overlooked, and your logical mind may catch up when you explore what needs refinement. Your feeling is your vibration.

When you are experiencing something that is good for you, you will feel good about it. That is why to be happy and fulfilled in life, you have to do the things that make you feel good. When you do things that the world says is good for you, looks good, sounds good and even seems good in a logical way, but yet it doesn't feel good, you will feel dissatisfied, empty and disillusioned. Your purpose here is to live your calling by following the spirit which guides you by your truest feelings. When you have several choices in mind that feel good to you, find the one that feels best.

You may have to try them out one at a time in order to really know which one resonates with you the most. Remember that your spirit guides you to make the best choices in every moment. Which means what feels best now may not feel best later or what doesn't feel best now may feel best later. So don't be confused about how your feelings change from time to time. Simply think about how you really feel and do it. By using feeling as a guideline, you can also alter your perception about the way things look to you and sound to you.

What looks and sounds good at first no longer looks and sounds the same way when you follow your feelings. What didn't look and sound good before may now look and sound good when influenced by your feelings. Never make your choices based on appearances alone but always give attention to what is unseen but felt.

Your five senses are external but your sixth sense is internal. You do not only sense an alternate possible universe with your feelings but you also attract it to you. That is why the only appropriate usage of negative feelings is for sensing undesirable possible realities so that you may avoid manifesting them into physical experience, or to prepare for them if they are inevitable.

Negative feelings and scenarios are not meant to be focused on and not to be avoided either. You should acknowledge negative feelings and then focus on positive feelings to attract their reality. Feeling also creates reality by giving it energy and attracting power to manifest. Before you make a choice, you should feel good that you are going to make a good choice. This sets the stage for you to attract the best possible choices to show up in your reality.

Then as you look through the possible choices, look for the one that feels better than the rest. Feel good as you make the choice, and after you have made it, feel good about having made it. Feel good before, during and after a choice for best results. Understanding that feeling is both a perceptive and creative power enables you to use it to the fullest.

Energy moves in two directions, in and out, and it moves both ways simultaneously. When energy is moving out, it is also moving in and vice versa. You attract what you feel and you feel what you are attracting. In order to experience a thing, you have to become that thing. Consciousness experiences by becoming that which it is experiencing. Feeling is a state of being.

Feel and know your best being.

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