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Visualize Your Goal A Philadelphia Life Coach Tells You Why and How

Visualizing what it is that you want for yourself is the first step in any life change. Before you can plan the necessary action, you need to know where you are heading. To do this you must visualize your goal. Conceptualize Your Goal in Positive Terms The desire to change is usually motivated by dissatisfaction with the present situation.

Because of this, when it's time to identify your goals, you may think in terms of what you want to get rid of. The problem with focusing on what you don't want is that it doesn't help you to identify what it is that you do want. You can see what you are moving away from but you lack clear objective regarding where you want to go.

When you conceptualize your goals in positive terms you give yourself direction: What is it that you really want? What would feel right for you? If you could write your own script and have things turn out exactly as you want them to, what would the outcome be? Knowing where you want to go tells you where you are heading. Once you have clear direction, the steps you need to take will become apparent. You Can Visualize Your Goal, Even If You Don't Know How You Will Achieve It. You may resist visualizing your goal if you have no idea how you are going to get from here to there. It is important, however, to recognize that knowing where you want to go provides necessary direction that will inform the steps you need to take. Once you know where you are headed, it becomes much easier to identify the steps to get there.

You will become alert to possibilities you might not have noticed, were you not focused on your goal. How To Visualize Your Goals While thoughts about how you'd like things to be may come and go, it is valuable to set time aside to focus on your goals. This process provides clarity, which will help you to find direction.

1. Give yourself time when you know you will be uninterrupted. Sit down, take a few deep breaths and allow yourself to relax. Or, if inspiration comes more easily when you are taking a run or a walk or swimming laps, use that time to imagine what it is you want for yourself.

What's important is to give yourself space and time to really focus on how you want your future to be. 2. Now, ask yourself "What is it that I really want here?" Don't try to figure out the answer to this question.

Instead, allow some time for the awareness of your goal to emerge. Be open to anything that comes to you. 3. Imagine that you have achieved your goal. Notice how you feel with your goal accomplished.

Be aware of any unexpected consequences that come to mind as you imagine your goal fulfilled. If potential unforeseen consequences came to mind when you imagined your vision fulfilled, give yourself plenty of opportunity to address any questions raised. Be very patient with the process. Suspend judgment for now This is a creative process, like brainstorming. Quiet any critical voice that says "You could never do that!" or "That's impossible!" Encourage yourself to dream big. Later on you will have plenty of opportunity to assess the feasibility of your vision and explore ways you can implement it.

You may need to allow a few days or even weeks for the details of your vision to take form. Be open to any additional inspiration that comes to you after you initially visualize your goal. You can keep track of your vision as it evolves by keeping a journal where you record the insights you receive. Taking notes will enable you to feel confident that you won't forget any of the details. Once your goal is clear, you can explore the possibilities for achieving it. Through this process the 'how to's' will become apparent.

Your initial vision may be modified in the process, but you will be moving in the right direction toward making your good life better!.

Drawing on expertise and skills developed over 30 years experience, Jeannette Samanen PhD is a life coach in Philadelphia, PA. Why not utilize Jeannette's expertise to help you visualize - and achieve - your goals ? Subscribe to her "Make Your Good Life Better" newsletter at

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