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Way to Enjoy Your Summer At Home

"Summertime and the livin' is easy." It's time to kick back, relax, have fun and enjoy the simple pleasures of summer. But because of gas prices and other expenses, many people have decided not to travel this year. This is an old but a very new concept to many.

There are a multitude of local programs and summer camps for the kids, but what can all the adult children do to make this summer special? How can you alter your daily routine and turn your home into a restful vacation place? Here are five simple guidelines: 1. Enjoy as many meals as possible outside: Instead of rushing through your meals mindlessly, savor the time to enjoy the summer air and greenery. Sit with your morning cup of coffee on your porch or in your backyard. Listen to the birds and feel the morning sun warming the day. At lunch time to, step out of the box, sit in an outdoor café or take a bagged lunch to the park. For dinner, cook outside, set the table on your deck, or grab a blanket a go for a picnic.

You will find that once you have the necessary supplies in place, any of these possibilities can be effortless. Imagine how different your life would feel if you had just one meal outside every day? 2. Schedule a play day: Set aside one day a week, or at the very least an afternoon or morning, when you don't do any errands, you don't turn on the computer or do chores, and you just have fun. Perhaps something you used to do when you were younger and just haven't found the time for lately. It could be hiking or biking, playing badminton or croquet. It could be doing something creative with watercolors or photography.

The only pre requisite is that you are doing it because you want to and it makes you happy. Make a list of all the activities you enjoy. Post it somewhere visible to you everyday, and have fun checking the items off one by one or several times each.

3. Create a summer reading list: Those wonderful long summer novels don't need to be read on the beach or in a vacation home. Create a cozy inviting reading space indoors or out and visit it regularly. All the television programs are repeats so turn the darn box off and cuddle up with a good book. 4.

Explore your own state or region: Often there are museums, historic places, amusement parks, national parks, gardens, and arboretums in your local area that you have never visited. Just google "Things to do in (your state), "and have fun exploring. 5. Post your summer hours: To assure that this summer at home just doesn't drift by unattended, you really have to firmly establish times each day an each week that are devoted to renewal, fun, and relaxation. Create space in your daily calendar for each of the activities listed above and block off those times in permanent read ink. Let your family, co-workers and friends know that these are your priorities for the upcoming months.

Who knows you might start a trend! Have a wonderful summer finding adventure, fun, and quiet in your own backyard! Copyright (c) 2008 Karin Marcus.

Karin Marcus, Certified Life Coach / Retreat Leader "Let the beauty of what you love, be what you do" Rumi 610-667-5247 Download your complimentary "Walking with Intention: A Self-Guided Mini Retreat"

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