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Ways Home Schooling Can Benefit You

Before altering a child's life, many parents look to find the benefits of home schooling as oppose to public education. There are the downsides to home schooling just like any other decision made in life, but there are so many benefits that families find. Here is a list of five benefits you will find in home schooling.

Family connection When home-schooled, kids and parents are reunited in a whole new way. There is a large amount of time spent together learning and building. With public education, kids are limited to the amount of time spent with their parents due to the conflicting schedules of work and school. This allows families to sometimes build a greater trust and understanding in would when going in separate directions.

Flexibility of teaching With home schooling, kids are able to learn with more emphasis put on what they are interested in. There is also the advantage of being able to learn at the pace the child is capable of learning at. You want to challenge your child to ensure that they maintain growth and development, but this allows the child to go at the appropriate pace without getting behind.

Flexibility of schedule Many parents love the flexibility of home schooling, being able to arrange school around their hectic work schedule and other various things that come up. Also, you are capable of planning vacations when the crowds are smaller and the costs are lower because of the flexible schedule. Teacher to Student Ratio The individual attention for students allows them to ask and receive feedback much easier in the small setting then in a classroom. This allows students to interact and many times enjoy learning as opposed to becoming discouraged and afraid to ask a stupid question.

Fewer Distractions Everybody knows that young kids have short attention spans. The result of putting 30+ students in a classroom that all have short attention spans is them paying more attention to each other then learning the lesson. Home schooling eliminates the noise and wiggling of several other students, allowing the child to focus on the parent and the lesson being taught.

While these are five key reasons families and students benefit from home schooling, there are plenty more. Home schooling isn't for everybody, but there are the benefits that outweigh those who go to public and private schools. The most important thing to do is to make sure whatever decision you make is the best one for your child and for the family. The decision of whether you should enroll your child in a public or private school or home school them is a decision that could change their life forever, so take the time to do the research and make a educated decision.

Jeff Schuman invites you to visit his homeschooling information website for the parents guide to running a successful homeschooling program.

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