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When the Universe Frowns Upon You Can You Smile Back

Everyday, we confront unexpected events in our lives, many of which throw us into a spin. An important relationship goes south, we fail a test, we get a speeding ticket, we lose our job. The universe seems to frown on us and all is not well. In an HBO film called Everyday People, written and directed by Jim McCay, Arthur, the manager of a Brooklyn restaurant, has to inform his employees of the impending closing of the restaurant. In the film, the employees explode with anger, hatred, resentment and frustration at the overwhelmed manager, lowering themselves to the level of ethnic epithets and character assassination. Although definitely negative, the employees' reaction externally is not that unrealistic.

After all, Raskins was a family-owned restaurant and they were part of its extended family. Their anger at Ira, the owner, and Arthur, its manager, would not be unexpected. Many people, when faced with this situation, would react similarly, at least internally. They would not only be angry at Ira and Arthur.

They would be angry at God or the universe- or both. But is this the only way to operate? Do we have to look at a set-back as the end of the world? Can we smile back at the universe when the universe seems to frowning at us? According to another film, The Secret, which features some fifty-two teachers and consultants expounding on a radical approach to facing everyday challenges, it is, indeed, vitally important how we respond to life's unexpected surprises. According to The Secret, the correct way to respond is conditioned by a fundamental law of the Universe called The Law of Attraction. This law means that events happen to a person because of the thoughts and feelings he puts out to the universe. Truly, negative events are the results of truly negative thoughts and feelings. However, in terms of unexpected events- and even in matters involving life and death- it is not always possible to correctly assess the meaning of these events.

Inspired by he Secret, is to use the secret of gratitude. In this movie a gratitude rock, is a special rock, kept at hand, in one's pocket or purse or, nearby, in one's house. At regular intervals, one turns to the rock, takes a deep breath and begins to focus on making affirmative, positive statements, filling one's heart with gratitude for the things one has or for the things one is about to receive.

This is actually a technique for flooding one's mind and feelings with thought of thanksgiving and invoking the positive nature of the universe to respond accordingly. The gratitude rock is one way of learning, when adversity seems to strike, to smile back at the universe.

Learn how the Greg Hand believes gratitude governs events in your world and that employing the power of Gratitude daily can help shape your life for the better. Visit a website inspired by The Secret and get a free gift just for looking.

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