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Whispering Lights of Poems

In a whisper of light, a breeze blows in gently bringing solace to my soul. It gently touches the dark recesses of places unknown until then. Illumination is the ultimate result of the light as it reaches into my darkness, brining hope to my heart and freshness into my world of buried frailty. The Eyes The sadness of the eyes haunts me; The depth of their soul unseen. I feel the pain deep within them.

Of my heart, I cannot wipe them clean. Sorrow shrouds the outer lines; The perils no one has seen. Whispers can be heard but not made clear; Their unhappiness on no one else leans. No one can understand them. No one will ever see. For in the eyes, the secret lies.

All their hurt and lost dreams. China Doll Gazing intently out to a mysterious world. Waiting for an enchantment to being. She is my China Doll. Her beauty is fragile, never to be touched by human hands. Never to be seen by human eyes.

She is delicate my China Doll. Her finely chiseled features and delicate golden eyes, shield themselves from others. She does not want to be shattered, my China Doll. The shell she is in at any given moment may break, leaving her heart open and frightened.

What will she do then, my China Doll. her soul is ready to take flight, but her wings have only soared once and then they were broken. Who will heal my little China Doll? She loves, she lives, and her heart is like fine rice paper, ready to crumble at the slightest touch. Her strength comes from pain, my China Doll.

She remains hidden under sheathes of satin, waiting for a velvet touch to set her free. She is ready to feel again, my little China Doll. The Girl In the Mirror So Many times I passed by the mirror; And not one time did I glance; To see how the years had changed me: By reason or by chance. Who am I now? Who Can I be? This girl in the mirror that I see. The questioned loomed up before; But never did I heed; That one day through life's door; Would come the subtle need.

To know; Who am I now? Who Can I be? This girl in the mirror that I see. Live each day to it's fullest capacity, for we have but one chance to prove it's worth. When today is gone, it is gone forever, there is no turning back time. Today will then become yet another yesterday from which there should be no regrets. For when tomorrow comes, we should be excited for the mystery that is about to unfold, not filled with remorse for the past. Copyright.

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