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Why Saxon Home Schools

A Home School can conform to any life style, from Back to Basics Homestead to Urban/Suburban upscale Neighborhood. Regardless of your perception of the public school systems, Home Schooling your own and other children may be an appealing option for you and your neighbors and friends. Other options may include Private Education if this in the budget plan. There are many different curricula and teaching philosophies to consider, almost to the point of analysis paralysis. Begin by asking yourself why you want to consider home schooling.

*Will they get a better Education? Qualifications of main instructors. It's not enough to disagree with the public curriculum. There are regulations governing home schooling. *Will they learn social values not presented in your public schools? Put the values of concern on paper and weigh them against the lack of or conflicting values taught in public school. *Will you be able to spend more time with your children? As an educator and parent, how much time will you actually spend with the students compared with how much time you wish to spend? Be honest here.

You may think you would like the kids around all the time, but have you tried it for extended periods before making this commitment? *Will this protect your students from a local drug and/or violence issue? Is it protection from the real world, or preparation for the real world that you desire? This will need to be evaluated on a local level. *Is there a religious reason? There are many interpretations of the responsibilities of Parents as regards education, both religious and secular. *Are there other Homeschoolers in your area? It's great to have a mutual support system with other home school families. This should only matter once your family has decide the best course. 'Others are doing it', is never a good reason for any endeavor. *Are you an extreme distance from a public school? Sound, well thought out reasons will help to reinforce your commitment when the inevitable 'Why are we doing this?' questions come up.

Pose the questions to all involved, especially the students. 2006 C. R. Ellsworth.

C. R. Ellsworth is retired and living in the 'Great North Woods'.
He's been involved in On-Line & Network Marketing since 2000.
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