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Will Law Of Attraction WorK For You

Here are a couple suggestions to get Law of Attraction to work for you. This universal law IS bringing into your life those circumstances which reflect your overall vibration or you could say, it is reading the "sum total" of your thoughts and delivering to you accordingly. Most people are not aware that manifestation is an AUTOMATIC and INVOLUNTARY process just like breathing or blinking your eyes. You can "take control" of an automatic and involuntary process. For instance you can do deep breathing or hold your breath and you can blink your eyes fast, slow or not at all when you concentrate on these involuntary processes.

You can take control of the manifestation process also but even if you do, you must control the sum total of your thoughts with its resultant "vibration". When your vibration is on a high level and a natural positive level (which is your natural state) then you will attract only great and abundant circumstances. However, if you are not controlling your thoughts then your uncontrolled thoughts are controlling and creating your circumstances.

"Remember it is not necessasary to rigidly control your thoughts but it definately is to your great, great, great advantage to just casually monitor your own thoughts.when you are having a thought or feeling or a mood that makes you even the slightest bit uncomfortable.just ask this thought or mood "beneficial" in some way.

in any me? If it is not.just throw it you throw out the garbage.

toss it.drop it.forget it.

One way to do that is just to reach for the opposite.high end thought.reach for the higher thought.the positive thought and hold on to that. Determine what is the high end thought by how the new thought makes you feel. If you were sensing bad feelings with the moody thought a minute ago.

find any thought that makes you feel good while tossing the bad feeling thought into the cosmic garbage can. This is all not any kind of rigid control just as I have stated .it is merely a casual evaluating of your own thoughts.just like you choose who you will entertain at your house.choose the thoughts you will entertain in your mind.

If the thought feels as if there is absolutely no benefit to you, then, you gain absolutely no benefit by entertaining it. Fate, luck, Destiny or God are NOT creating your circumstances in life, but if you believe that they are then you will still manifest your own circumstances while manifesting the "ILLUSION" that your circumstances are being created by outside forces. Nevertheless, your circumstances will be created by you on a subconscious or "unconscious" level. At this point you might not realize that all your circumstances are created by you, for you and unbeknown to you while you never come to understand that you truly do.create your own reality. Once you come to that understanding and awareness, you can then start to "control" all that which you manifest.

A new book by Seth Manne entitled "MANIFESTING THE ULTIMATE: PERFECT HEALTH, MASSIVE WEALTH, TRUE LOVE AND INFINITE HAPPINESS" has recently been published. You will be able to read two free chapters and the complete chapters summary to get some great insights into the manifestation process. The author asserts that this book presents a missing element to the process of manifestation that is not available in 99% of the books and presentations in the marketplace. When you study Law of Attraction or manifestation techniques and methods, you will come to realize that "you must vibrate that you ALREADY HAVE that thing or circumstance that you desire". Now this is easy enough to say and to tell people to do but it is not so easy to achieve.

How can you vibrate that you ALREADY HAVE a million dollars when you only have one dollar. How can you vibrate that you ALREADY ARE madly in love with your soul mate when you are totally lonely etc. This is the information regarding techniques that you will receive in this new book, Manifesting the Ultimate. The inspired author and master of these techniques is one of the foremost authorities on the Seth Material written by Jane Roberts and he is an expert on topics such as parapsychology and metaphysics. You will learn the missing element that has stopped you from manifesting your REAL desires and has kept you from controlling this automatic and involuntary process.

There are three types of people. Which one do you want to be.1. People who make things happen.2. People who watch things happen or 3.

People who say "what happened". You CAN learn to make it happen, you know. You just need the "TRUE" methods.

Get two free chapters from Seth Manne's new book at

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