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Your Vibes Today Create Tomorrow

I'll have some french fries with my ghost please! And super size my prosperity! Make life perfect and pleasing in every way! Is life delivering neurosis in a brown bag or an all you can eat buffet? If your life has been like eating leftovers, it might be time to order from a new menu. Driving thru life with new programming can deliver the entree of your dreams on a silver platter. The scientific universal law of attraction delivers exactly what you order up. What is my future? What will happen? Maybe you should ask yourself,How are you creating your future? Do you have life patterns that you might want to strengthen or eradicate? Are you making life's best choices for yourself? Where are blocks in your energy field stopping you? That's right! Most of us have some form of blocked or stagnant energy that limits or distracts us from our real goals in life. Maybe you are attracting things or situations in your life you don't really want.

There's NOT an express route unless you know the SECRET! Are life's detours and road-blocks frustrating you in achieving your goals? Is it time to open your soul's 'map quest' receiving guidance, direction, inspiration and validation? It's Your Purpose to Live Life the FULLEST Possible! Taking the wrong way is necessary until it's time for the right way. When you are ready for the right way, you are on the expressway. Learning visualization tools to release, reclaim and recharge your thoughts can help a person navigate life's treasures to map out a clear direct route to your fulfilled purpose. Your Vibes Today, Create Tomorrow Outside energies and influences affect us minute-by-minute, day-by-day. This energetic bombardment can limit or alter the achievement of our goals. Most people don't know what to do change the effect of outside influences and become the effect of them.

You can move beyond energetic limitations of subtle energies to achieve and integrate personal, career and spiritual goals. When you integrate all three areas, life begins to flow with less effort. Change Vibes for Deliberate Attraction Suppressed emotional and mental blocks such as fear, anger, frustration, depression, sadness, anxiety, substance abuse and a whole universe of dysfunctional feelings and behaviors build up layers of energetic blocks. These energetic blocks prevent and limit access to dreams and goals. Then, life becomes lackluster, unfulfilling and difficult.

Meditation Develops Inner Peace The practice of meditation creates releases stress and increases self-awareness to achieve a state of 'well-being'. Couple visualization and transformational tools with meditation and you positively change and affect your life. Higher levels of happiness and confidence are attainable. Life's many challenges become manageable enhancing clarity and creativity. Practice begins to open insights and intuition that would otherwise be hard to achieve.

It also reduces the effects of aging and stress, increasing optimism for previously unattainable goals. Guided visualizations or meditation balances the brain and energetic frequencies that surround the body. So what are you waiting for? Jump-start your year and get on the expressway to living your life with gusto.

Think about the last time you headed for the buffet and start to live life with that same feeling. Take in as much as you can!.

Amirah, a 25-year Intuitive Coach, Author and Speaker. w Author of eBook, GET Better LOVE and MORE of IT! She offers free help through her monthly newsletter, and free articles. Email her at,

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